CAREgiver Magazine

Art Director/production artist of bi-monthly 30+ page magazine, working with writers and editors to fit text and images to space, determining the graphic approach to the subject matter, and finding images for the covers. Hired freelancers to assist as needed, monitored deadlines, presented to the board, and budgeted the art purchases as well as the production. Frequently created art for advertisers.


The "Our Story" section presented a chance to work with families who had endured hardships and learned lessons they wanted to share with others on coping with disease; these turned out to be love stories.


Worked with a wonderful printer, learned to adjust screen to match industries standards and produce high resolution files that would print with expected results.

Chicago CAREgiver was a publication (disbanded 2009) produced by a small group out of Deerfield, Illinois for the promotion of services in the northern suburbs. With backgrounds in the local medical and service industries, the founders hired writers, designers and editors to put out a bi-monthly magazine.

Utilized full Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, PDF creator. Switched from Quark Express at this time, moving files from one format to Adobe.

CCG32 cover-web
CCG40 cover-sm
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