Idea Leader

The director’s chair looks so simple, yet has so many aspects.

As creative director, I have devised many thought-provoking concepts and taken them through production to final print/video/website project. But no venture is ever complete without the help of others. Sometimes that requires hiring freelancers or specialists to assist, and at the very least it requires the approval of those paying the bills.

While director looks like a lonely position, it really means filling the most responsible post, with budget, deadline and creative control. It can be the best seat in the house, as the rewards are equal to the challenges.


These samples are a small selection from a large portfolio.
Please reach out with your specific request for project type and software used.

Site Organization, Design

Jefferson Electric / Dry Type Group
multiple company outlets coordinated

Pioneer Power Solutions
New corporate organization after split from Jefferson

Print Concepts

EcoFair 360
print marketing, trade show materials

Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra
print materials

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