Production Artist

Admission: I’ve got a background that includes use and knowledge of hot type. My initial layouts were done with markers sitting at a drafting table, and I’ve stripped negatives as a part time job.

In today’s set of skills, I feel this background is beneficial as it gives a perspective of fonts, spacing, balance and other artistic features that add to a final product with a professional feel, even in Word documents.


These samples are a small selection from a large portfolio.
Please reach out with your specific request for project type and software used.


Jefferson Electric
WordPress with plugins

Clare Malloy

Susan Otterson 
ECommerce site with WordPress

Friends of White River County Park
WordPress site

Print materials

Jefferson Electric
catalogs, brochures, sales sheets

EcoFair 360
posters, brochures, signage

Trade Shows

industry trade shows

EcoFair 360
outdoor event, trade shows

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